The Rolling Projects Story & How the MANHATTAN HOODIE began

Rolling Projects began as a passion/hobby for Leandro Rosas Jr.  As a kid, he was always fascinated by what some people might call "weird cars". His Father owned an Auto Body repair business in which Leandro worked as a shopkeeper (sweeper) and sometimes painter during the summer months. During these months, Leandro experimented with new techniques and products in order to give a unique twist to customers cars and trucks (Mostly only the customers who wanted it...). Leandro found himself customizing anything and everything he could get his hands on, sometimes testing out ideas on sports equipment like custom painted snowboards and football helmets. He seemed to have a genuine love for making things different. Fueled by his passion, he began buying up discarded and abandoned vehicles, which he knew held promise, to only later restore them and send them on their way to better homes. Before his 18th Birthday, Leandro had owned (and sold) an eclectic selection of cars that ranged from a souped-up Honda Civic Hatchback (inspired by the first Fast and the Furious movie, no doubt.), to a 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, and even a few old Muscle cars (Mustang Mach 1, Mercury Cyclone, Oldsmobile Cutlass, etc. 

These days, Leandro still finds and restores the coolest cars on the market. As he started to get noticed by higher ups on the car scene as well as ordinary people who appreciated the craftsmanship of his vehicles there was a growing desire to have a piece of the Rolling Projects brand which quickly transitioned over to apparel for fans to wear. Leandro eventually reached out to his long time friend, Kyle Thompson, to help him create a more serious and quality apparel brand that reflected his work with custom cars and trucks. Projectwear was born to reflect the Roll Different lifestyle that Leandro created. By sporting the same logo as the vehicles Leandro has customized, Projectwear by Rolling Projects has created some truly unique threads, including RP's signature Manhattan hoodie which people are referring to as the "uggs of jackets". The brand is just getting started and will be focusing on new products that will allow people the world over to Roll Different!


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Leandro Rosas Jr.
Leandro Rosas Jr.