This 1987 FJ60 is undergoing a full Rolling Projects makeover. Keeping as much of the original elements as possible on this truck other than a few contemporary modifications, including new sound system, cleaner exterior aesthetic (black wheels, debadged emblems, fresh respray, etc.). When you see this thing rolling down your street, you'll easily be able to tell this isn't your average FJ60. 


This bad boy was hidden in a barn (literally) in northern California, but actually spent most of it's life in Southern California. Already fitted with a nice 3 inch lift and some beastly tires, this guy is ear marked for a major cosmetic overhaul. We won't give away too much about what we are doing with this one, but look to our 88 RRC for an idea (hint: black on black on black)

 ***Available 7/1/16***

Land Rover Defenders are our favorites, and 110s are the way to go. This one is unique in that not only is it a 110 (110 means 110 inch wheel base), it's a 2-Door 110. It's pretty much a Defender 90 on steroids. It's also a RHD which makes it rare here in the States. It is undergoing a restoration consisting of mostly cosmetic upgrades, but also some mechanical upgrades on the Diesel motor. New interior will be installed, as well as wheels and tires. It comes with the Safety Devices Roll Cage you see. Light is optional! This thing is Titled and Registered in California. Call us today for price and details. 


This Land Rover Defender 110 is a special Beast. It's iconic design has been unchanged since the 60's...until we got our hands on it. We've gone through and essentially rebuilt this thing from the ground up, with new chassis, doors, windows, interior, as well as motor to mimic Land Rovers Puma edition of the Defender. Every nut and bolt has been replaced on this thing with a little something special under the hood. We've equipped it with a 6.0 Vortec V8 motor. Not only will this thing take you anywhere, it will take you there fast!