Here we have a beautiful, one of a kind 1995 Long Wheel Base (LWB) Range Rover Classic in Beluga Black. Soft Dash. Clean California Titled/Smogged/Registered. This is THE holy grail in RRC's. On top of the vehicle year, model, version, color, and interior type, this one has been modified to meet contemporary aesthetics and is the most beautiful RRC on the road. 

 The exterior of this RRC is stunning. It has perfect beluga black paint on a flawless body. Trim black window trim and mirrors shows off the original "floating roof" look the original designers were going for. The hood also has a matte black finished center that acts for both style as well as functionality (no glare while driving). The bulky and unnecessary side moldings were deleted/removed for a backdated look. The rear corner marble vinyls were replaced with a more contemporary "perforated look" vinyl that is clean and minimalist as well as contemporary. The front bumper is also equipped with fully functioning "Hella" fog lights that give it a tougher yet sleek look. Windows are all crack-free and clean with no 80's-90's era tint. 

 The truck sits on the iconic and backdated 3-spoke RRC wheels with Era Correct Range Rover Center Caps. The tires are a limited edition 32" Firestone tire with a black Camo printed wall that gives it a touch of cool while still being understated and simple. 

 As far as the motor and suspension, it has a tuned-up original 4.2 liter motor with original transmission. Suspension is Bilstein shocks and springs. Original and faulty air suspension was swapped out for the Land Rover Reccomended coil springs so you won't have any issues with them. 

 Interior comes with the most sought after trim in the Range Rover world...the "Soft Dash". It's wanted by many because its one of the few RRCs that came with the more contemporary range rover look and style. The Headline was color matched with the truck and is black which gives it a very luxurious feel. Stereo System is an upgraded bluetooth/usb/aux enabled stereo so you can play your own music while you're adventuring. Also has upgraded cupholders. 

The roof rack is a very rare and hard to find Hannibal Safari roof rack out of Australia. 

 This truck is truly a work of art and a real head turner, and not in an attention grabbing way. It stands out quietly as it's clean, minimalist, contemporary, and best of all...classy. This thing will take you anywhere you want to go and with the 4.2 liter, you're going there fast. Simply can not say enough about this truck. You really need to get out here and see it yourself. Available now on eBay: Black LWB RRC



This truck came to us needing a few upgrades, but we wanted to keep it as original as possible as the FJ60 and FJ62 came pretty clean and minimal already. We gave it an entire respray, interior ugrade, tires on the original wheels, as well as state of the art sound system and more powerful 5-speed manual transmission (yes, that's right...a 5-speed MANUAL tranny in an FJ62). The end result was beautiful as the truck came out looking factory fresh. 

Truck is no longer available for sale. 

1995 Range Rover Classic LWB

December 03, 2015

Beautiful Long Wheel Base Range Rover Classic. We went through and applied our signature Rolling Projects touches, including upgrading the wheels, tires, rear corner vinyl, and stereo system. Full respray and tuneup. Interior is 9/10 with new headliner. These RRCs are some of our favorite builds.

Vehicle was used by Joe Montana in a lead up to Super Bowl 50! Check it out here. 

Joe Montana Drives Range Rover Classic by Rolling Projects

Available now. 


1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

December 03, 2015

This FJ40 is a one of a kind FJ40 in that it has many of the modern touches while still staying original. We have both a Soft top on this to cover the new interiors. Wheels and tires are aftermarket upgrades that allow it to go anywhere. 

Just Sold.

1988 Range Rover Classic SWB

December 03, 2015

Our 1988 Range Rover Classic is one of our masterpieces. First year of the Range Rover in the United States. We went and completely restored this truck and made it one of our centerpieces here at RP. Only 100k original miles on her. New paint, wheels, tires, and several customizations done by us here at the Rolling Projects shop. This vehicle is no longer available sale. 


1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

December 03, 2015

Displayed in many of our Apparel photos, our White 85 FJ60 is Truly one of a kind. It has undergone a pretty extensive restoration, including full respray in the original Factory White. Engine has been overhauled with new components such as the alternator, fuel pump, air cleaner assembly, carburetor rebuild, new belts, filters, and hoses. It also has had a brand new OEM Fuel tank installed by Toyota directly. The interior is 95% perfect, with normal wear for a car with only 107k miles on it. It sits on the original chrome FJ60 Wheels, with Brand New BF Goodrich All Terrain tires. 

This rigg will take you anywhere you need to go and it will do it in style.